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Lodge Tagua Tagua in Puelo-Patagonia







* All prices are shown on double occupancy and without tax


Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Includes drinks, wine, beer and soda.

Price per person: $100,000 CLP + (19% VAT) per night


Includes equipement, guide and boat.

Price per person: $200,000 CLP + (19% VAT) per night


3 days and 2 nights

Day 1: Arrival at the Lodge at noon. Lunch. Afternoon fishing in Lake Victoria.  Back, hot tub and snacks. Gourmet dinner.

Day 2:  Breakfast and then we go on our way to the Río Puelo and to El Manso rivers. Fishing all morning, lunch on the banks of the river. Fishing rest of the afternoon. Back to the lodge, hot tub, appetizers and gourmet dinner.

Day 3:  Breakfast and fishing half day at Lake Tagua Tagua. Gourmet lunch at the Lodge. Check Out.

Price per person: $200,000 CLP + (19% VAT)


3 days and 2 night

Day 1: Arriving at noon. Lunch.  In the afternoon Stand Up Paddle or canoe in the Tagua Tagua Lake, going to a nearby waterfall where you can swim and / or do a short trekking around the lodge (self-guided). Hot  tub with snacks. Gourmet dinner.

Day 2:  Breakfast and boat transfer to the start of the self-guided trekking to Tagua Tagua Park. We’ll give you a box lunch to eat during the day. Pick up boat at 5 pm, transfer back to the Lodge. Hot tub and snacks. Gourmet dinner..

Day 3: Breakfast. Fishing in Lake Victoria half a day.  Lunch. Check out.

Price per person: $400,000 CLP + (19% VAT)


5 days 4 nights

Day 1: Arriving at noon to the lodge. Lunch, trekking through native forest in the surroundings of Lake Tagua Tagua and Lodge. Back to the Lodge, hot tub, appetizer and dinner.

Day 2: Breakfast and Fly Fishing in Puelo Alto, lunch in the river banks, then continue fishing the rest of the afternoon. Back to the Lodge, hot tub, appetizer, dinner.

Day 3: Breakfast and boat transfer to the Tagua Tagua Park, self-guided trekking, includes box lunch. Pick up boat at 17:00 to go back to the lodge. Hot tub, appetizer and dinner.

Day 4:  Breakfast, descent in the Puelo river, where we will have lunch in the river banks. Return to the lodge in the afternoon.  Hot tub, appetizer and dinner.

Day 5: Breakfast, Stand Up Paddle in Lake Victoria, return to the Lodge, lunch and check out.

Price per person: $740,000 CLP + (19% VAT)


The Lodge  is located on Lake Tagua Tagua, in the basin of Río Puelo, Comuna de Cochamo, Lagos Region.   It is 150 km from  Puerto Varas and El Tepual airport in Puerto Montt.

We are nestled in a mountain lake that crosses the high peaks of the Cordillera de los  Andes, surrounded by magnificent mature native forest and thousands of hectares of pristine, wild territory, with very little human intervention.

The lake is part of the basin of río Puelo, which is born in Lake Puelo in Argentina and crosses our country until it flows into the sea, not far from the Lodge. Being located at a strategic point, we can travel both Lake Tagua Tagua and Lake Victoria, as well as the Río Puelo to the west (being able to reach the sea) and to the east, where we can go back to its course for many kilometers.


Live the best fishing

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Lodge  Tagua  Tagua  (LTT) is a Lodge  nestled in the heart of the Patagonian Andes, on the shores of a mountain lake surrounded by lush mature native forest and large expanses of unspoiled nature. Having only maritime access, it feels as being on an island apart from the world which is tremendously satisfying.


Our main objective is to be able to provide our guests with a deep disconnection experience, our comfortable facilities being the starting point for the most extraordinary adventures in the wonderful natural environment of northern Patagonia.  Fly fishing is our specialty,  however, we  also offer our passengers a wide range of nautical and terrestrial activities to make  theirr stay an unforgettable experience.   Stand Up Paddle, River Safari, trekking to tagua Tagua Park to meet the Alerce, horseback riding along the gauchos paths of the settlers, trips to the nearby thermal baths, among many other activities are part of the offer that we can organize for our guests.